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Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka Series

Sutta Pitaka

   01. Digha Nikaya 1
   02. Digha Nikaya 2
   03. Digha Nikaya 3
   04. Majjhima Nikaya 1
   05. Majjhima Nikaya 2
   06. Majjhima Nikaya 3
   07. Sanyutta Nikaya 1
   08. Sanyutta Nikaya 2
   09. Sanyutta Nikaya 3
   10. Sanyutta Nikaya 4
   11. Sanyutta Nikaya 5 - (i)
   12. Sanyutta Nikaya 1 - (ii)
   13. Anguttara Nikaya 1
   14. Anguttara Nikaya 2
   15. Anguttara Nikaya 3
   16. Anguttara Nikaya 4
   17. Anguttara Nikaya 5
   18. Anguttara Nikaya 6
   19. Khuddaka Nikaya 1
   20. Khuddaka Nikaya (Sutta Nipata 2)
   21. Thera - Theri Gatha Pali          1
   22. Jataka Pali i
   23. Jataka Pali ii
   24. Jataka Pali iii
   25. Vimana Vatthu Pali, Peta Vatthu Pali
   26. Maha Niddese Pali
   27. Culla Niddesa Pali
   28. Pati Sambhida Maggappakarana i
   29. Pati Sambhida Maggappakarana ii
   30. Apadana Pali i
   31. Apadana Pali ii (Theri Apadana)
   32. Apadana Pali ii (i)
   33. Buddha Vansa Pali - Cariya Pitaka Pali
   34. Nettippakarana
   35. Petakopadesa

Vinaya Pitaka

   01. Parajika Pali
   02. Parajika Pali Bhikkhu Vibhanga 
   03. Parajika Pali Bhikkhuni Vibhanga
   04. Mahavagga Pali 1
   05. Mahavagga Pali 2
   06. Cullavagga Pali 1
   07. Cullavagga Pali 2
   08. Parivara Pali 1
   09. Parivara Pali 2

Abhidhamma Pitaka

   01. Dhamma Sangani Pakarana
   02. Vibhanga Pakarana i
   03. Vibhanga Pakarana ii
   04. Kathavatthu Pakarana i
   05. Kathavatthu Pakarana ii 
   06. Kathavatthu Pakarana iii
   07. Dhatu KAtha, Puggala Pannatti
   08. Yamakappakarana i
   09. Yamakappakarana ii (1)
   10. Yamakappakarana iii (2)
   11. Patthanappakarana i
   12. Patthanappakarana ii
   13. Patthanappakarana iii


Irrespective of Clergy or laity, it is our prime duty to protect Buddha Sasana and Buddha Dhamma and Carefully land down to the future generation. The Buddha Dhamma Contained in Tripitaka which had been brought by our venerable Maha Sangha in area tradition for more than twenty couturiers, was written in ola leaves at Aloka Vihara, Matale during the time of the King Valagamba. To mark the 2500th Buddha Jayanthi Celebrations these book were re-edited and translated into Sinhala from Pali language by our Erudite monks and the Govt. Printed Then in 53 Volumes. This event marked a great memorable incident of the whole Buddhist world. It is our prime duty and responsibility to hand over it to the future Generation. As tripitaka is the repository of the Dhamma These Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka Series is our Priceline national asset. At present a limited number of these books have been printed with a fine finish. The serious task of printing was under taken by us within a very short period. We would like to reemest all the interested parties, such as Temples, Libraries, Scholars and Other philanthropists, to make their Orders early.

Due to mour assistance giving during the time of printing we could finish the printing early than the expected date.    

Total number of books is 57.

The complete set of Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka Series is 57x2000.

All the books are nicely bound.

The printing cost was Rs. 70.5 Million.Core of Buddhism - An introduction to Dhamma

All the books are available at Buddhist Cultural Centre or at the Branch office all Ceylon Buddhist congress Building, Colombo.

Those who pay the amount in one or two installments could by the complete set for Rs. 55000/- 

Payments should be made only to the Buddhist Cultural Centre.

Re-print of Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka Series.
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