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Today's Dhammapada
Mano Pubbangama Dhamma
Mano Setta Manomaya
Manasace Passannena
Bhasativa Karotiva

Mind precedes all knowables,
mind's their chief, mind-made are they.
If with a clear, and confident mind
one should speak and act
as one's shadow ne'er departing.
Happiness Follows The Doer of Good

Explanation: All that man experiences springs out of his thoughts. If his thoughts are good, the words and the deeds will also be good. The result of good thoughts , words and deeds will be happiness. This happiness will never leave the person whose thoughts are good. Happiness will always follow him like his shadow that never leaves him.
Source: Buddhanet.net

Core of Buddhism - An introduction to Dhamma

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A righteous Society through availability of Dhamma Books

The cardinal motive behind the establishment of Buddhist Cultural Centre at Nedimala in 1992, was to foster a righteous society. Accordingly by now more then 1000 books including Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka, Sinhala translation of sutta pitaka and new books have been published by this centre so started.

All the Pali commentaries have been successfully translated into Sinhala language and a project has alredy been launched to translate those commentaries into English language for the first time to cater to a wider circle worldwide. Not only that but another project to translate Pali Tikas or glossaries of which majority is in devanagari script into Sinhala language also has been begun. These two projects according to the estimated cost worth more than Rs. 300 Million and you also can contribute to these laborious tasks.

Dhamma Books for free distribution

For several years we have engaged in publishing booklets or pamphlets for free distribution. To commemorate your own important events in your life or in memory of your departed loved ones, if you think it should be long last in memory, you can publish 1000 copies of such a booklet for Rs. 20000/= and you can keep it as a memento in which name, and other details could be mentioned Sabba danan Dhamma danan Jinati - Dhamma dana surpasses all other danas

Helping Nunneries where Nuns reside

At present, it has been calculated that there are more than 3000 Buddhist Nuns residing in various parts of Sri Lanka. Out of those Nunneries only a very few are supported by government or any other organizations, but these chief Nuns enduring all the difficulties try to maintain the nunneries and give education to the novish. Due to this dire situation the girls of affluent families, though interested, are reluctant to enter into the Bhikkhuni oder. To overcome this at least for some extent a part of Dhamma Training Centre at Dekanduwala managed by Buddhist Cultural Centre Nedimala, has been allocated solely for Bhikkhunis. In addition it has been envisaged to translate Buddhist Cultural Centre Nedimala into a Centre where Dhamma education will be given to Bhikkhunis.
If you would like to help this centre or to develop a Buddhist Nunnery in any part of Sri Lanka or to extend your helping hand to any institution to conduct a pirivena Buddhist Cultural Centre likes to facilitate and give what is required.

In addition to this we are always ready to help you to do any good deed to nurture the society with old values and qualities with utmost trust.

Our main objective is to take Buddhism from Generation to Generation

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Buddhist Cultural Centre

Helping to Dhamma Training Centre Dekanduwala, Horana

For the last 10 years this training centre has been engaged in giving in various ways training to young Bhikkhus, Nuns, young boys and girls. The participation for a two week program is about 40 individuals and the expenditure to conduct such a program is estimated as Rs. 50000/= you can contribute this program individually or in group.

At this centre Special attention is paid to propagate Bhikkhuni order in Sri Lanka by giving a systematic training on canonical knowledge, meditation counsiling and temple administration to Bhikkhunis living in Sri Lanka.

A great merit can be accrued contributing this magnanimous task.

Helping a Buddhist Temple in a difficult area

During the last three decades period there has been a deterioration in the Buddhist temples in difficult areas as a result of the open economy which distenced the people from the temple. This is a very pathetic situation because people keep away from religious places cannot be considered as civilized. If you like help such a temple at your choice, we can help you to select a temple from anywhere in the island, and the contribution either in cash or kind can be utilized properly. You can get information from the Buddhist Cultural Centre, Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.

Helping destitute people

  1. There are many young people who joined the Sri Lankan Forces and sacrificed life to safeguard their motherland, and sometimes he would have been the sole breadwinner in the family. Because of his death his mother, father wife and children become destitute.
  2. The youth who have lost their limbs in war and became disabled unable to support the family.
  3. There are very intelligent children in very poor families specially in rural areas, who are unable to support their children in giving a proper education.

You can support any of these mentioned in the above categories. Buddhist Cultural Centre is all out to guide you to make any donations, build a  descnt house, or give a scholarship to one of those families.  


Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Mandira

Buddhist Cultural Centre has taken the responsibility of building the world's largest Buddhist Centre in the heart of Colombo City.

This centre is supposed to be completed by year 2011 to commemorate 2600 years of Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi. This multipurpose building project consists of world's largest Buddhist book Centre, a conference hall with 600 Nos seating capacity, information facilities, language laboratory, Audio visual studio and a section for many other Missionary activities. More details....

Buddhist Cultural Centre is kindly appealing for your generous contribution to make this project a reality.